What my knitting bag says about me


The past months have been quite busy and it doesn’t just reflect on my neglected blog but also on all the knitting bags, baskets and boxes that have accumulated in one corner of my house… So, this week, after coming back from some much needed holidays, I put everything in order and this is what I found: in the picture above is the content, still quite in order though, of my mittens samples and related items’s bag – mostly from my last Knitting tour in the North of Iceland.


The next bag was filled with swatches, Grýla and Love Story yarn, lopi yarn, a zipper, pink make up, white and pink elastic band, yarn tags, fisherman knot glasses, the green Alla cardigan sample, pattern notes, black undies, 2 pens, tangled yarn, unfinished projects: 2 mittens, 1 hat, 3 Elves lights, 2 Theodora doll’s arms, 3 Bjarni doll’s sneakers; a felted ball with pins and an empty ribbon bobbin.


This bag contained a Japanese book of knitting symbols, bag handles, Clover flower making kits, cats and mice sewing kits (from the pittoresque Odile Bailleul – I knitted a lace shawl for one of her mice!), buttons – all these bought at last craft show Amour du filGrýla yarn, a pink ribbon, Fonty yarn, a cut/nagged piece of arm of Thea Litla Brynja sweater, a knitting needle and a green piece of garter stitch (probably a missing bit for my friend Anna Maria fantastic Gálgaknit knitting performance – which she got arrested by the police for… you can read all about it here)


A close up of the cute buttons: you’ll see them again on upcoming sweater patterns!


Here we had: 2 tams, a red clown nose, a knife, rainbow looms, a green heart, chocolate, plasters – looks like something from the girls (especially the knife!) ?



There was a box of sweaters: old, new or unfinished


In this one, I found a felted fairy light, an unfinished Elf light, tangled yarn, a shirt, an Icelandic woman with a walnut head, a blue crocheted chain (from the girls?), a ball of Love Story yarn, lopi yarn, more Fonty yarn, a brooch, a brown ribbon, a tiny piece of knitting with a crochet steek, a piece of cereals box with yarn inside and a stone in a plastic bag (this is teaching material: read this post, it will make sense!) 


This bag was full of yarn : Grýla and Love Story yarn, lopi yarn, cotton yarn (my whole cotton stash!), lovely handyed skeins from Ullarsellið, tangled yarn; also 12 projects bags and a Theodora doll body cut into pieces (??)


Here I had some lace samples (from the Hiking and Knitting with the Elves tour), doll’s shawls, a tiny lopi sweater, Icelandic fleece in a bag, a ball of Love Story yarn


And the last bag had some Icelandic intarsia samples plus a few unrelated items: a hat and doll things. I added/withdrew a few things and it’s now ready for the Hiking and knitting tour between Fire and Ice, starting tomorrow!


So what’s in YOUR knitting bags? You can share pictures on FacebookInstagramTwitterPinterest using the tag #WhatMyKnittingBagSaysAboutMe